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$1= 100 :points:
[C] Chibi Commissions by Kikiinyan[C] Pure Heart by Kikiinyan

Chibi | $10 $7 /per character


Faraday2 by Kikiinyan

Shoulder-up | $12 /per character


NieR:Automata 2B by KikiinyanEma Skye by Kikiinyan 

Half Body | $20

(additional character(s)= $15)


Comm7 by KikiinyanShino Ref by KikiinyanShiina Ref by Kikiinyan

Full Body | $30

(Additional character(s): +$25)


If you're interested note me with this form:
  • Character reff & name : (colored visual reference please!)
  • Type of Commission: (e.g Half-body)
  • Notes: (expression, specific pose etc)
  • Paypal email: (so i know who you are)

IMPORTANT: I would very much prefer payments through PayPal, but points are okay if there is really no other option. Note that you may need to pay deviantart withdraw fee.

I can do: 
Girls, boys, couples (BL/GL/NL OK), kemonomimi, sexy outfits are OK (e.g bikini)
I can NOT do: Old people, muscular characters, r18, armor/weapon

Ask me if you have any specific request, and whether i can do it or not.
  • Commissioner must pay for the PayPal fee ($0.30) or any fee that may be required, the amount that I have to receive are the prices above.
  • 1 picture = 1 slot
  • Commission will be done within a week or more depending on your slot number, and I only work full on weekends. I may have a little bit of time on weekdays.
  • Personal use only, but please discuss further with me if you would like a commercial commission.
  • Payment must be sent within 3 days after the sketch is approved
  • Once your commission is finished, minor edits can be done (eg missing facial features, accessories and such)
1. (reserved)

1. Metalknightrider

Other examples of my works:

Cheesecake by Kikiinyan Maya by Kikiinyan

PE by KikiinyanMiles Maya by Kikiinyan

Thank you!

Thank you very much for those who bought my commission for the past weeks ^^ I hope you'll be interested this time too. Though I have to raise the price to match the hardwork that I did, thanks for understanding ^^ ;;;
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